Chronological List of Experiments

22Fe02         2Slides# 1-2            Images    Results  : S1 Differentiated Day12
12Jy02         8Slides# 3-10          Images & Results  : S1 Day12, S1 Day4, T4 Day6
16Au02         Slides#11-18           Images   Results  : S1 Day10
19Au02         Slides#11-18           Images   Results  : S1 Day5
20Au02         Slides#11-18           Images   Results  : T4 Day5
21Au02         Slides#11-18           Images   Results  : T4 Day10
3No02           Slides#19-27           Images     Results : S1 Day10, S1 Day3
4No02           Slides#19-27           Images     Results : S1 Day3
20No02         Slides#19-27           Images     Results : T4 Day11
21No02         Slides#19-27           Images     Results : T4 Day4
22No02         Slides#19-27           Images     Results : S1 Day10, S1 Day3
22Ja03         Slides#28-31           Images&Results  :  Normal human mammary sections
24Fe03         Slides#32-35           Images&Results  :  Monolayer S1, T4 : Malignant Sections B1061 & B1056
4Mr03           Slides#36-41           Images&Results  :  Malignant Sections B1067 & B1069 : 3D-T4 : Monolayer S1 & T4
26Mr03         Slides#42-47           Images&Results  :  S1 & T4 3D and monolayer cultures.

Oct04           Slides#50-52           Images&Results : SU01-7800 Tissue Sections, NuMA
22Oc04        Slides#53-57           Images&Results : S1 & S2 cells, 3D Days 9 & 10 with NuMA, H4K20 and more
18Ap05         Slides#58-60           Images&Results : S1 Day10, T4 Day10 (origionally numbered 48-50)
18Ap05         Slides#61-68           Images&Results : Sectioned: T4 Day13, S1 Day12, S1 Day13

19Ap05         Slides#69-74           Images&Results : NuMA & H4K20 in S2, T4 and Cocultured S2&T4

20Ap06         Slides#75-78           Images&Results : (Guru's paper to compare NuMA in S1, T4 & revertentT4)

20Ap06         Slides#79-86           Images&Results  :Double stained NuMA & H4K20 in S1, S2 & T4 (Cedric)

28Jn06          Slides#87-92           Images&Results  :Human Tissue: Normal, DH and DCIS, NuMA, H4K20m, Smooth Muscle Actin, dapi

12Jy07          Slides#93-112         Images&Results  :Human tissue: Normal-looking & Hyperplasia, NuMA-green & dapi stained